About Roger Ajjour

Photography is all about making from a moment; an everlasting time … I’ve always thought a picture is just about a click making two persons happy for an instant… For that when time came to choose my professional career, I decided to make from it just a hobby and choose a total different profession… I didn’t realize at that time, that it was a wrong choice...

But time passed by and it came to my attention that I couldn’t not hear or feel the sensations I had backwards, at some important moments in my life, like the one with the late honorable singer “Zaki Nassif” just by looking at those photos and finally understand that it is not just about a frame held in my hands but it’s about a moment that my mind and heart would always stick on it… That was the “click” to make me understand that it is time to make out of photography, a career not only a hobby..

The Trophee for the best Lebanese documentary in Unesco festival , helped me to make my final decision and to take a new step in my life ; it is at that moment I’ve decided to switch from biochemistry to photography, to have my own business: “e-mage studio”.

Fast forward… I’ve been taking pictures and videos for 5 years now… With the assistance of my staff, a 15 young and devoted people who helped me in realizing a very interesting portfolio that grew to become with time a lot more sophisticated.

Photography is not just about pictures, it is also about videos; it is not just about family pictures, it is also about weddings, celebrations, birthdays… Photography is not only about advertisement; it is also about private shooting…

Photography is a big huge world; it is about recording forever the things one sees and hear for a moment and make out of it its present and its future. For that and day after day I devote myself more and more to keep for every person, a “click” to be kept forever and ever more..